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What is Virtours?
Business areas
How it works?

Virtours offers high-quality virtual experiences designed for your business and your customers. A complete platform for creating, distributing, and enjoying VR content in a simple, quick, and easy way.

The main areas of application for which Ikon has developed specific functions and customisation are:

  • Real Estate iconReal Estate
  • Tourism iconTourism
  • News iconNews
  • Culture iconCulture
  • Training iconEducation
  • Interior derign iconInterior design
  • Boating iconMarine Industry

How does Virtours work?
The solution integrates innovative tools and features:


Create your content for Virtual Reality

With a 360-degree camera you can easily capture a series of immersive images and videos (both monoscopic and stereoscopic) and view your shots on the tablet with the dedicated app.


Add interactivity to your tour shots

View immersive content and interact within the available scenarios with specific multimedia insights (360 ° photos and videos, text hotspots, audio, video, images, etc.). An intelligent caching system allows you to check the presence of new content on the cloud at start-up and download them by saving them locally on the device.


Assist and guide navigation via tablet

Virtours, thanks to the pairing controller function between the viewer and the tablet, allows an operator to replicate in real time on the tablet what is viewed by the user through the VR viewer and to guide them during the immersive experience to use specific content. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to control groups of users wearing a headset with a single tablet.

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Automatically distribute virtual tours on different channels

With Virtours you will be able to view virtual tour scenarios via normal web browsers, in panoramic and interactivity mode via mouse, using drag / rotate, zoom and click actions on hotspots. Easily integrated into pre-existing websites and usable via smartphone, VR viewer, cardboard.


Cloud solution with integrated CMS

Conveniently manage content, users, permissions and licenses through the cloud content management system. Thanks to the Content Management System (CMS) it is possible to upload contents, edit, publish, hide and delete directly from the web interface and manage all the tours generated.


Virtours Marketing, Profiling and Follow up

The platform allows you to view the statistical data collected from customers and to track the entire immersive experience. The user can “like” favorite contents and share them on the main social networks, allowing them to be disseminated online. Furthermore, it is possible to automatically send a follow-up email at the end of the virtual visit to maintain engagement with the user.

The operational flow

Virtours Creator
App dedicated to the autonomous creation of content by operators using tablets and 360° photocameras.
360° Photocamera
No mere photographs, but a truly first person experience.
Cloud Server & dedicated CMS
Upload and distribute virtual tours within the network. Manage and modify directly via web interface.
A complete platform for the creation, publication and sharing of virtual tours.
Flow scheme path
Virtours Explorer
An innovative way to present environments and locations to one's clients.
Virtours Cardboard
Stereoscopic tours within reach of everyone
Virtours Web
Normal web browser viewing of virtual tours, in interactive panorama mode.
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